Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Something....Isn't Quite Right About This!

Yes, Adam...he is looking at you leeringly.
Maybe you should wear some damned real pants,
you tease.

He certainly doesn't look like he wants to kill him.
Old Hal doesn't seem to be protesting too much.

Hmmmn. Is it just me, or do they
definitely look oiled up here?

Kids in tights commanding their
rock giant to choke that Nazi dinosaur...
who--just saying--looks like a giant lizard.

I'm not tied up, and you have no powers,
but still I find myself mysteriously compelled to
lay sprawled on this table. Let's not tell Batman, 'kay?

Nearly naked snow-storm Supes with a giant
Starro stuck to his front side. Does this remind
anyone else of the Internet pic of the guy getting
@%$# by an octopus on the beach?!?

Yeah, okay. "My power is I throw a spear at you
and you wind up coated in a sticky yellow substance.
Awesome, DC.


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