Tuesday, May 31, 2016

JSA Goodness with Steve Lightle

The Justice Society of America:
Comics' first, greatest, and most patriotic
super-hero team. Part of the Greatest Generation,
these DC Comics icons are proudly remembered
as part of America's World War II fighting forces.

Veteran artist Steve Lightle did these incredible pieces 
of art to showcase these classic characters and experiment
with a simpler art style that was an expression of that time period.
The results before you, exquisitely rendered.

You can seethe love and respect for these characters 
in each print!
Fans are already clamoring for Steve to be given a shot
at drawing a regular book featuring the Justice Society.
And with DC's announcement of "Rebirth," there seems 
to be some hope it could happen.

Rebirth is bringing back the possibility of stories
and characters from other eras, other
continuity. This allows the door to the 
original Earth 2 team, the Justice Society of America, to be
opened. If you would like to see this project come
to pass, let DC Comics know!