Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Creator Profile: Cliff Chiang

Starting off are some beautiful costume sketches
re-imagining the DC characters as Japanese
heroes! (Glorious!)

Cliff's brilliant, fluid style makes everything he
does beautiful and exciting: above, Dinah and Connor,
Below, the pre-52 Birds.

A tremendous mini-series;
Vertigo's "Beware the Creeper."

The newly re-imagined Wonder Woman.

The great back-up story from "Tales of the Unexpected"
was collected in the TPB, "Doctor 13: Architecture and Morality."

Another excellent and 'cancelled too soon' series,
The Human Target.

Cliff's DC Women of Rock!

A beautiful Avengers illo!

Even Archie gets a rad makeover with his
smooth and stylish skills!

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