Friday, September 28, 2012

Recommended Reading: "The Odyssey" by Gareth Hinds

A beautiful and thoughtful monster of a graphic novel
well worth checking out.

For more incredible adaptations and
interpretations from creator Gareth Hinds,
check out:


Thursday, September 20, 2012


Prototype for the scrapped Tim Burton live action
Superman film. Don't care about the movie, but I would love
to see more of the model/actor in the suit!

Why do they call him 'FlatMan' when he's so
thick and juicy?!? Woof!

I wish Bam-Bam would go all prehistoric
on my ass!

And Booster Gold's Number One supporter;
Cod-Piece City, baby! Oh yeah!

Oh, Shulkie...I'm green with envy over
that Rocky Thang next to you!


Mmmn....half-naked, body paint, and attitude!
I'm there: Par-tay!

Oh, Connor, let me ease your furrowed brow!

This one is simply fantastic!
Cute guy, hot bod, fave character, cool costume!

Wow! Super-hero eye-candy underwear-parade!
Paradise is here!

Oh, he's a Vision, all right!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Something....Isn't Quite Right About This!

Yes, Adam...he is looking at you leeringly.
Maybe you should wear some damned real pants,
you tease.

He certainly doesn't look like he wants to kill him.
Old Hal doesn't seem to be protesting too much.

Hmmmn. Is it just me, or do they
definitely look oiled up here?

Kids in tights commanding their
rock giant to choke that Nazi dinosaur...
who--just saying--looks like a giant lizard.

I'm not tied up, and you have no powers,
but still I find myself mysteriously compelled to
lay sprawled on this table. Let's not tell Batman, 'kay?

Nearly naked snow-storm Supes with a giant
Starro stuck to his front side. Does this remind
anyone else of the Internet pic of the guy getting
@%$# by an octopus on the beach?!?

Yeah, okay. "My power is I throw a spear at you
and you wind up coated in a sticky yellow substance.
Awesome, DC.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Super-Kink Through the Ages

Hmm...little big for a spanking,
Jonathan. And your old lady seems
to be enjoying her spectator role a bit
too much, as well.

Still at it, the 'boy' is almost full grown,
and still with the voyeurism angle!
What about these was intended to
be alluring to the buying public?

Bound, strapped, humiliated, battered,
and held at phallic gunpoint. Brutal
dark themes abound.

Choke hold submission!
Dress up like I told ya to, beyotch!

Keep those dratted women out!
There's only the Fortress and the Cave for
our spurned yearnings. really can't make this shit up.
Over-sized father figure and infantalized
adult son, begging for corporal punishment?
Egads, man.
In addition to being rough trade,
this smut-master needs to go into space to
get enough privacy and lack-of-atmosphere for
his auto-erotic asphyxiation practices!
Shirtless snuff star porno Batman,
meet your bound and submissive victim for
the evening, your depowered strongman partner.
Whooo...feel the vapors!

And stiff-as-a-board Superman (not in a
good way) tries to make the inappropriate moves on
ol' New God, Big Barda. Ewwww...


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Creator Profile: Cliff Chiang

Starting off are some beautiful costume sketches
re-imagining the DC characters as Japanese
heroes! (Glorious!)

Cliff's brilliant, fluid style makes everything he
does beautiful and exciting: above, Dinah and Connor,
Below, the pre-52 Birds.

A tremendous mini-series;
Vertigo's "Beware the Creeper."

The newly re-imagined Wonder Woman.

The great back-up story from "Tales of the Unexpected"
was collected in the TPB, "Doctor 13: Architecture and Morality."

Another excellent and 'cancelled too soon' series,
The Human Target.

Cliff's DC Women of Rock!

A beautiful Avengers illo!

Even Archie gets a rad makeover with his
smooth and stylish skills!

Check out more at:


"The Arrow" sneak peek

Looks like an awesome cast and premise,
so we'll have to see if discarding all of
that set-up from 'Smallville' was worth it.

Check out the preview, as well as interviews
and extras, below:


Friday, September 7, 2012

Hot Comics Men: DC Comics, 2000's style

Nothing wrong with a little tight-fitting,
shirtless and sweaty,
Puff-Daddy hardcore behaving,
defiant stance-posing,

sultry nakedness loving,
sleek and wiry-sporting,


self-secure in exposing,

massive-sword weilding,
impressively bulk-possessing,

naughtily skimp-showing,
pained and brutalized responding,
dominantly hovering,
proudly peacocking,
demigodish sexuality-imbuing,

provocatively angled,
package-showing comics erotica!

Go, team!