Thursday, September 20, 2012


Prototype for the scrapped Tim Burton live action
Superman film. Don't care about the movie, but I would love
to see more of the model/actor in the suit!

Why do they call him 'FlatMan' when he's so
thick and juicy?!? Woof!

I wish Bam-Bam would go all prehistoric
on my ass!

And Booster Gold's Number One supporter;
Cod-Piece City, baby! Oh yeah!

Oh, Shulkie...I'm green with envy over
that Rocky Thang next to you!


Mmmn....half-naked, body paint, and attitude!
I'm there: Par-tay!

Oh, Connor, let me ease your furrowed brow!

This one is simply fantastic!
Cute guy, hot bod, fave character, cool costume!

Wow! Super-hero eye-candy underwear-parade!
Paradise is here!

Oh, he's a Vision, all right!


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