Sunday, February 8, 2015


Likely borrowing inspiration from the 'Occupy' Movement,
'Anonymous,' and 'The 99%' comes "We Are Robin."

Finally and at last!

This last week, DC Comics made a HUGE series of announcements
concerning new books, new focus, massive changes, and the future
of the comics line.

For more details, check out the link here;Newsarama

I have been saying for YEARS that this is exactly what we needed to
not only avoid stagnation for existing fans, but to bring in new recruits!

In a nutshell, DC is pulling back from their crippling uniformity and
interconnectedness that has especially been on display since the debut
of their 'new 52' several years ago. The execs now say the focus is more
on story than continuity.

Yes, yes, YES! Since the death of the Multiverse in Crisis on Infinite Earths
(in fact, the very anal nature of the industry that felt the need to have a 'Crisis'
in the first place, in order to 'simplify' and homogenize everything (blech!,)
there has been an ever-increasing limit on creators.

Writers got stories nixed because they weren't 'in keeping with the tone of
the book,' or because something in the plot 'contradicted plans in another
series,' and so on and so on. Continuity--meant to be fun and complimentary
to the regular fans--became a horrible stranglehold on creativity and growth.

There's no reason that at any one time, there couldn't have been pre-Crisis
books alongside new 52 books, alongside Elseworlds books (at one time,
a sure-bet hot seller for the company!) As DC's press release illustrates, they
finally get the concept of entertainment and story quality trumping the
dictates of canonical tales.

Ironically, Marvel Comics, once the masters of a diversified publishing
spectrum, seem to be trading spaces with the old DC as they are creating
a single new world for their heroes to live on. Let's hope these enormous
changes redeem themselves in the long run, bringing in new fans, luring
back old ones, and maintaining the current aficionados.