Saturday, September 3, 2011

Favorite Costumes: Polaris

To be fair, the Mistress of Magnetism has
had her share of double-bagger costumes.

However, as long as the variations to the
original Steranko classic don't veer too far....

And the artist & writer don't feel the need
to make her possessed or butch or a giantess
to add 'character' (ugh!)....

she is a star!

There should be a regalness to Lorna,
not a trashy or common look.

(I also have much love for the Cockrum
stripper outfit, but it is much more.....dated, I think.)

You can't improve on perfection.
'Iconic' is iconic for a reason.

Favorite Costumes; original Hourman

The original Hourman, Rex "Tick-Tock" Tyler,
had an in with me by virtue of being an
original JSA member and Earth 2 hero.

But that beautifully staggered black and yellow
contrast, with a perfect splash of red to
tie it all together....heaven.

There's a--forgive me--timelessness about
this costume.

It doesn't have to get carried away or super busy;
that little hanging hourglass tells you everything
you need to know.

I also love the redesign done for his son's
costumes as homage to Pop's.


Favorite Costumes: Jack of Hearts

It's super-busy, it's complicated,
it's over-the-top...and I love it!

Definitely a literal bent on the concept,
this character just massively appeals to me.

I probably more favor the muted tones that came
in later incarnations, but I really dig the whole
larger than life concept of the character.

Maybe this is one of those "don't know why"
loves, but it does it for me.

Favorite Costumes: Yellowjacket

There was something very visceral
about the first appearance of the Yellowjacket.
Perhaps that ignited my passion
for the costume; attributing the dark side to it.

But this alter for Hank Pym's otherwise subdued
personality has always been a favorite.

The very basic yet electric design;
strong and subtle and pure.

I even enjoyed the female character
that took over the role in the years it was unused.
It's just such a flawless, simple design.

But the original just kicks ass.