Saturday, September 15, 2012

Super-Kink Through the Ages

Hmm...little big for a spanking,
Jonathan. And your old lady seems
to be enjoying her spectator role a bit
too much, as well.

Still at it, the 'boy' is almost full grown,
and still with the voyeurism angle!
What about these was intended to
be alluring to the buying public?

Bound, strapped, humiliated, battered,
and held at phallic gunpoint. Brutal
dark themes abound.

Choke hold submission!
Dress up like I told ya to, beyotch!

Keep those dratted women out!
There's only the Fortress and the Cave for
our spurned yearnings. really can't make this shit up.
Over-sized father figure and infantalized
adult son, begging for corporal punishment?
Egads, man.
In addition to being rough trade,
this smut-master needs to go into space to
get enough privacy and lack-of-atmosphere for
his auto-erotic asphyxiation practices!
Shirtless snuff star porno Batman,
meet your bound and submissive victim for
the evening, your depowered strongman partner.
Whooo...feel the vapors!

And stiff-as-a-board Superman (not in a
good way) tries to make the inappropriate moves on
ol' New God, Big Barda. Ewwww...


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