Friday, June 29, 2012

Comics Kink:Defeated and Prone

"These are a few of my favorite things...."

Ka-Zar, broken down and manhandled, deftly
depicted by Hall & Gil?

(Okay, this is one of those awesome mash-ups from ,
but the prone Bats image is still apt!)

Mmmn..look at the arch of that extended arm and chest!

Down on your knees, big man!

K.O-ed, helpless, doll-like a shirtless,
masked executioner no less! Score!

Love the tattered outfit effect as a trophy
of a harrowing battle survived!

Again with the mash-ups, but that svelte, lithe
motionless Hal is HOT!

Look at the spread on big, beefy Bane as Bruce
exacts revenge! Pure primal drama!

J'onn in agony!

Nobody does muscle tone like Jose' Luis
Garcia Lopez!

meh. Here's a toss-out for the straight-boys and lesbians.
(I loved the issue, anyway; got a thing for miniatures, too!)

Ooh, splayed military, no less! Bonus!

Love that helpless pose...must be Cardy with that
sexy goodness!

This position definitely qualifies as vulnerable!
And the original...with a beaten, defeated, and definitely
prone Bats. Bane could have had his way with him!
What a waste!


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