Friday, June 1, 2012

Mo' Homo Fridays

Well, it's official.

After hints and press conferences and leaks
and momentous guessing and betting, DC
revealed to the world that they are in fact
"re-working" and reintroducing original
(WW II era) Green Lantern, Alan Scott,
as a homosexual character.

I have mixed feelings.

I love Alan Scott, and think it's a bold choice.

On the other hand, the entire emphasis on
'switching him' to being gay is a strange one.

It implies, for me at least, that sexuality is
a matter of choice, even if that's not exactly what's

I wonder, too, if his son will still be gay.

I trust Robinson to handle it well, but
it all feels a bit forced and odd.
I guess in the end if a well-written
gay character is now in the new 52,
maybe it will help.

(The awesome Ty Templeton, excellent as always,
in response to fanboys' embarrassing outrage.)

I think, really and truly what has me most upset;
I am a gay, geeky, comic book-loving,
longtime Earth 2 fan.....
and I had to have the morning radio host point
out that "newly gay Alan Scott has one
weakness he's powerless against; Wood!"

Now that's funny!



  1. MY question is does Jade and Obsidian still exist then in the new 52? I admit I haven't been following...I honestly thought that it would be Barry Allen or perhaps J'onn Jonnz that they did this to.
    I think it would have been better to just create a character and tie them into the trinity so much that the character can't fade away. As far as GL's go...Alan Scott isn't even an honorable mention. So, I think this whole thing is bogus...
    Make a prominent character that plays a pivotal role in the Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman books. Make the character respectable and likeable. And show that he/she can be a hero/heroine regardless of sexual preference instead of just cashing in on the "gayness is cultural popular right now let's make one of our characters gay."
    To me that would be the right way to do it.

  2. Honestly, I have not picked up a single issue of the new books. This Earth 2 may be the first I venture into, because of love for the writer and characters. But the whole 'old universe gets scrubbed' business left me cold. So, no idea about Jade or Obie!

    Have to disagree about Alan; he is the original staple, and made a resurgance in the last 20 years, being made central once more.

    Nonetheless, I agree that as far as the general public goes--or the new comics-buying community--he is not someone that will affect things one way or the other. And DC has had so much trouble making any new character stick or catch on, which is part of why they constantly recycle and reinterpret.

    We'll see how it goes!