Friday, June 15, 2012

Art of Comic Book Muscle Ads

in strange and impressive ads in
comic books!
My first soft-porn as a kid!

I wasn't "into" muscles even back then,
but the sheer masculinity of the

....along with the provocative poses and strutting...

...the exposure of legs and abs that I had
not yet experienced in TV wrestling...

..and always, the skimpy, tight-fitting
sheer bikinis, which absolutely
sent my testosterone-filled young self
over the edge!

It was also an introduction into
real-life hyper-masculinity...
a side of maleness with confident,
peacocky beefiness
that I was unaware of in my little world.
Oh, those leopard-skin briefs! Mmn!
Having a powerful, idealized man who
was also the object of sexual desire
was quite the revelation to me.

It certainly didn't 'make me' gay, but it
created a level of understanding about
all the feelings I had been having!

There was a certain level of
validation, of acceptableness, in
seeing these pictures in magazines
nearly exclusively purchased
by boys.... what even my still-developing little
brain was obviously more than simply
'body-building' advertisements.
No, there was an awareness of a

No one in their right mind could argue that these ads
were for the eyes of boys who liked girls!

I knew better!


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