Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flashback: Seeing Double

There's just something totally cool
(and a bit surreal) about seeing
a character oppose 'themselves.'

Hoax, dream, imaginary story..., clone, illusion...

...identity theft, alternate earth,

...split in two by some far-fetched comic-booky
science device...

It doesn't really matter!
It's just fun and a visually striking artistic
effect, at least for me!
(One of my many 'fetishes' in collecting,
back in the day!)

I think one of the things I most enjoy,
just as my love for split-personality and dual-identity
characters, is the sense of inner conflict
being externalized.

There's some very heady and heavy
Freudian/Jung stuff going on in
regards to doing battle with

Whether it's on an inner landscape,
or in broad daylight with long
underwear on!


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