Wednesday, January 23, 2013


"In the beginning...."

Pendulums swing....back, forth, back again.
It's the nature of things to alter, shift,
grow, revert. To change.

Media, reality, countries, people,
relationships, trends; all governed by the
pendulum. I get it.

Yeah, we already suspended disbelief for flying men and
X-ray vision; but this people can't get? WTF?
When the 1960s/1970s ushered in all the
strange and wonderful new art and ideas
in comic books, fans of the prior status quo
were no doubt taken aback.

Likely, there were pangs of betrayal as
that era's standards were 'trashed' in order to
make way for the inevitable new shift.

Harsh realism like the murder of Kathy Kane,
the murder of the Earth 2 Batman,
and other major impacts rocked the fan world.

Especially when you grow up with characters,
bonding and imprinting like no body's
business--no matter their technical non-existence!)
it's hard to let bid farewell to those iconic,
embedded images and notions you held.
Of how it 'should' be.
Letting go is easier if change is ushered in with
respect to the old; we never saw beloved
characters have their decapitated heads
turned into soccer balls. Not in the super hero
line, anyway!
Drama, Drama, DRAMA!

Personally, I always found it lazy writing to
resort to sensationalistic nonsense.
Especially since, when you do it continuously,
you have to 'up' your game to exceed the last
shock's impact. (Reference the last 20 years
of modern comics.)

 The DC Universe of the late 1970s was the last
time I felt connected to the comics world, truly. That
was a dependable, respectful old friend I could
return to for comfort and shorthand exchanges.

But that all changed.

In a desperate rush to 'grow up' and become more
'sophisticated,' the industry I loved lost much of what
 made it great in the first place.

Like many of us, I have longed for its return.

Like the adage says....
If you want something done right...
Do it yourself!

This is a world of mine own creation;
a reimagined DC Universe of 1978....
like you have never seen before.
Or...have you?


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