Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hot for B'wana!

Okay, so I've always had a 'jungle' thing.

(Which is different from 'Jungle Fever'...
not that there's anything wrong with that!)

from ArtisticAvenjer.blogspot

Call it the 'Call of the Wild,
or maybe the great unknown..

(loin cloths are very mysterious,
don'tcha know...and the imagination
is key to sexuality...)

...but there's just something special
about a half-naked hot guy running
around the woods whumping on his bare chest!

(Mmmn! This cosplayer is super
fine with his tight, white little self!
(Thanks to firestormfan for these pics!)


I guess it's the primal edge,
the unleashed masculine essence of it...

Maybe it's just the close proximity to
the skimpy wrestlin' outfits whose
evocative imagery ruled my Saturday
nights and mornings!

Hell...blame it on Ron Ely...
that sexy bastard!

Straps between his legs...
don't give me any ideas!

Ripped, ready, and roaring!

Yes, I think that does me up
just fine, thank you!


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