Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Real 'New Earth' DC Comics

So, way back 36 universes ago when DC Comics
did "Infinite Crisis," it was revealed sort of
matter-of-factly and under-the-radar that it was
the discontinuation of multiple earths that caused
all of these 'new style' duplicate characters (which
were so different from the originals) to manifest
there on what was considered DC Earth proper.

It was pointed out that 'Breach' was the 'Captain Atom' of
the intended New Earth in the multiverse, as were other
heroes (Kyle Raynor, Helena Bertinelli, etc) the erstwhile
duplicate earth's version of existing characters.

A pretty decent explanation (and write-off)
for some not-always-stellar and usually
mismatched players. But I was curious what the
population of this 'New Earth' would have looked like if
it had actually developed the way it was 'supposed to,'
rather than piggy-backed onto the mainstream earth.

Here's what I came up with!


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