Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sexy...but WRONG! (Well, guilt-inducing, at least!)

Well, damn that talented Fernando Blanco for
making me lust after undead fictional clones
in the first damned place! (Hey, if it weren't
for all the cannibalism, Hyperion Jr. here
would be just fine!)

So, here's one of those things I never figured out,
and it was a little bothersome whenever I saw a smoking
hot muscle-man cover of "Prime."
Is the little boy transformed into the adult male form,
or is he trading spaces like Shazam or Captain Marvel?

And if it is still a little boy, is he shifting in age or
just appearance? Cuz it's kind of unsettling to know
it's a little kid trapped in a sexy man's body.

Well, it started out nice, but like
most men, he turned out to be a monster!

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