Saturday, December 8, 2012

So Much for My Favorite Costumes!

My faves never seem to be popular with the
bread-and-circuses-masses...Go Figure!

Or maybe I just love the underdog too much?

Yes, when it comes to some things, like design perfection,
I guess you can label me a clingy fan-boy, though I
prefer to see it as aesthetically intelligent.

"These are a few of my favorite things..."
likely never to be seen again!

Damn, Cockrum is talented!

I know Marvel's on overkill with
green and bad guys (which Sam was when
he debuted,) but this costume killed it!

You can't beat a Kirby, and in the hands of Perez
this outfit was rocking!

Simple, sleek, cool as hell.
One of the best designs and color
schemes ever done, and unfortunately,
one of the most tweaked costumes ever!


I probably just had so many fond memories of these two similar
version's of Iron Man's early/1970's armor that it endeared
itself! But I love it, especially the 'pointy mask' version!

Steve Lightle don't need no help, baby!

Just simple, easy, and elegant.

I really love this version which combines
the best elements of the original and the
awesome Avengers-membership era one
(blue leggings, waist sash.) This is more
in-keeping with Carol, tradition, and her age.
Ahh, Donna.
They should have left you in limbo after 1985, honey.
But I guess the real you is always alive in
memory and the old issues.


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