Saturday, November 17, 2012

50/50: My "New 52" Earth-2-leftovers view

I tried the Huntress/Power Girl series because of a few
extenuating circumstances; the tremendous art team, my love
for Paul Levitz, and the fact that I thought it was only
a mini-series!

But I do have to say that I was very pleased with my
purchase. It's an old-fashioned comic, in every best
sense of the word. Infused with solid, beautiful art
that fits the story, engaging dialogue, a sense of fun
and adventure (I promise you newbies--those are not
4-letter words!) and, best of all--though they have
been tweaked--these are the characters I grew to
love in the 1970s, in spirit and essence if not in fact.

It's not the first time (by far) that DC has attempted
to recreate the prior magic of this earth or these
relationships within the confines of their ever-changing,
ever-convoluted multiverse and editorial direction.

I tried the Earth 2 series for an equal number
of draws; I love the work of James Robinson
and Nicola Scott, I love the Earth 2 concept, and I was
intrigued by how the whole Alan Scott sexuality
angle played out.

BUT, I was also obviously under some severe
misunderstandings, because I believed when the
company said this title marked "the return of Earth 2"
that in fact they meant it, and not that they were being
See, 'Earth 2' to me represents a very specific
Earth with my favorite heroes of childhood, which had
a history of some 46 years (and even then some or
much of the continuity and characters survived!)
Also, a really cool sci-fi TV show...but I digress.

I do not think of "kinda sorta the old concept,
completely recycled though with basically code names
remaining. Really, just 'another' earth."

No slight against the creative team, and maybe I'll give it
another try in a year or two when the team gets assembled,
 but I'm outtie on Earth  2. It wasn't the old friends I hoped for.
It wasn't a return to greatness.
It feels like just one more bait and switch from
a company I have grown to expect not much else from.
So, a half-and-half even split on these two titles.
They're only the second and third titles I've tried from DC's
new venture, and I doubt there'll be a whole
lot of interest in testing the waters further.

What's done is done, and a false promise
doesn't fill the bill.


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