Friday, November 30, 2012

Art of Homage # 45: The Noble Line-up

Not entirely sure of the exact origin of the iconic
"Noble line-up" shot, but this is my best guess!
(Likely it was a military poster of some type--
drop a line if you know for sure!)

Not all comics' homage art comes from other comics
("Thank the Titans!")

But here are some great pieces through
the years showcasing the heroic ideal of
the good guys...lined up, often casting eyes
towards the heavens.

Cooke on one of the collected New Frontier volumes
Porter handles the JLA

The master, Perez, does JLA and Avengers justice!

Maguire on the JLA

Ross does the original JLA

Busiek and Davis issue of the kick started Avengers
...even the old Blood Syndicate gets in on the action!

Harras and Epting and Palmer's excellent Avengers run


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