Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cover Themes: Surrounded!

Another sweet recurring cover theme I'm partial to:
heroes being surrounded by 'unbeatable' odds!

One of the best series ever, Squadron Supreme,
with a Paul Ryan (the good kind) version of 'surrounded.'

Oh, if only they hadn't retconned that
bullshit explanation that 'the Hulk had never
killed anyone!' What good is a monster if
it doesn't act monstrously--intentionally or otherwise?

First 'Multiple Man' (Jamie)...a big
fave of mine.
Even though it's more of a "This isn't
quite truth in advertising," still a great
cover and a good story...before Byrne
jumped the shark.

Manhunter V Multiplex!

JL Generation Lost!
Some awesome Bogdanove cover art
from the Zero Hour era (ugh!) featuring
most of the different versions of Supes
and Bats!

Understandably, being wrongfully cornered by
pigs seems to be a theme that's popular and
One of my fave Legion covers!
Perez art...the Mystery of Reflecto storyline...
time travel....Dawnstar....the mother lode!

(Geez, Louise! Doesn't it seem that the
1970's Marvel Boy/Quasar gets mind-
controlled an inordinate amount of times?!?)

Before Rosie O'Donnell started her
cruise line, there was the MODAM/
Superia cruise-from-hell!

Beautiful Phil Jimenez cover, with Guy Gardner getting his
ass handed to him just an added bonus!

Kubert covers Batman with a frightening
vision of madness during a fun period with
the 8-page back-ups (mostly
hold-overs from the DC Implosion.)

Mysterio always makes for some good stories;
Hell, look what he did to ol' Wolverine in the
"Old Man Logan" storyline! This lead-up to # 200
was a good read, too.

Oohhh! Dig those Seventies street thugs'
dated fashion! Back when a Punisher sighting
was a rare occurrence.

A pretty good read that helped 'merge' the
different characters into one earth post-Crisis.
The whole storyline has been adapted into several
different formats (including the current "Young
Justice: Invasion" storyline.)


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