Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm not quite sure how I missed this series
the first go-round.

Possibly the art was something I couldn't
quite get into, initially, or the concept seemed
rather tepid. Regardless, I couldn't have been
more wrong in passing it over!

I recently started the entire run of Sandman Mystery
Theatre through the library system in Georgia
(amazingly enough) and I am so hooked!

The cinematic scope of the adventures, the real
world concerns, the adult nature of the story content,
and the poetic philosophizing and internal churnings
that move the series forward are dazzling!

I would liken it to Law & Order meets 
Downton Abbey. It combines the romanticized
speech of times past and a beautiful mastery of
the English language, while filling each installment
chock full of flair. 

It's gruff and violent, and an unflinching look
at the underbelly of human society.
Something that never changes.
Oh yeah, and a guy that dresses up in
a gas mask to fulfill his perceived destiny
via dream-insights.

I also love the way the art if very fluid and
grey (the coloring job is exquisite) with a
minimalist tone that allows you to see everything
you need, and maintain a dreamy quality as would
any attempt at looking back.


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