Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ideas for "Comics Drinking Games"

* Take a shot whenever Warren Ellis or Garth Ennis
mention how much they loathe super-hero comics,
even as they are being paid to write yet another one
(or an introduction to one.)

* Take a swig every time a comics creator
wears sunglasses indoors at a signing or
comic book convention.

* Chug when an old character 'returns'
with absolutely nothing of the original
construct intact!

* Take a swig when a major, unbeatable,
merciless villain gets dispatched within moments
to show off the power levels of the new 
"Hot-for-a-minute" hero
(see also 'professional wrestling;
from heel to jobber in 60 seconds or less.)

* Toss one back when a creator uses the
phrase "That character just isn't viable" in
reference to a fan favorite...and a short time later
introduces a total whiffer of their own.

On second thought, y'all better use grape juice;
I don't want anyone suffering alcohol poisoning.


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