Friday, March 1, 2013

Art of Homage "plus One": Vignettes

"Hey Everybody--LOOK!

Somebody we know
is getting the stuffing beat out of them,
and all we're doing is looking!"

The art of comic-book-cover-vignettes is
a splendid way of implementing emotional
reaction to amp up reader excitement,
but it does beg the question;
"If you're close enough to see it happen,
aren't you close enough to damned well do somethin'?"
These are a few of my favorite covers that have followed
suit throughout the years--more trend than homage,
or maybe just an instance where the line between
the two muddies!

Did you spot the other trick to vignettes?
Easier to fit a dozen or so characters on a cover
if you draw a floating head rather than their
entire body! Hey, we need some a-those there
comics guys in Congress--they can solve a problem!


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