Saturday, October 6, 2012

Specialty Covers Promote Breat Cancer Awareness Month

Marvel Comics has a series of alternative
collector covers for some October issues
(October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month)
which feature several key characters donning
pink versions of their costumes (or pink highlights.)

Although it specifically promotes the Susan G. Komen
Foundation (which I vociferously disagree with after
some horrid political decisions they made this
last year,) their major work--especially awareness--
is useful.

Of course, it's mainly the coolness factor of
the look and the alternate covers--which are always
awesome--that I am concerned with here on this blog, but
you know nothing is separated from the political!)

Check with your retailer to reserve
a copy or check on prices if you're interested,
or do like me and just enjoy looking at
them here, preserved for all time!
(or order from my favorite store,

For more information on breast cancer
detection and treatment, please click here:


(By the way, lung cancer actually kills more
women than breast cancer, and for info on
detecting and battling that disease, check out:)


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