Monday, October 22, 2012

"JSA: Fair Play" TPB Hotness

And here's my 'erotic-eye-view' of the "JSA: Fair Play" TPB,
which is also a great read! First off we have the old
barbarian hunk, Hawkman, proudly peacocking that
hot hairy chest.

Then there's Sand, more than amply filling out his
costume while guiding Alex Montez into the fold.

A purely innocent question from a magnificent
Wildcat in profile as Hawkman shows his stuff off, again!

Sadowski really hits the bell with this fantastic
competitive battle between Black Adam and
Atom Smasher. De-lish!

And Morales shows everything there is to show in
Al's muscular back...and backside!

Saltares gives a little more thickness to Carter...

Wildcat shows us his assets by Morales...

And Sadowski gives another lean, mean, smoking-hot
Hawkman machine shot! Gotta love the mace's


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