Friday, October 12, 2012

"JSA: Dark Reign" TPB Hotness

From the excellent Trade Paperback, "JSA: Dark Reign"
by Geoff Johns, Don Kramer, Rags Morales, and more.
Black Adam has his JSA Outcasts Squad in place;
let the civil war begin!
Alex Montez, former curator for the JSA museum
(and cousin to the murdered Infinitor, Wildcat III)
looking very fine in his Eclipso-altered identity.

Beefy and triumphant...for a time.

Some great beefy burrito-style JSA flashback by
Don Kramer. Love those thick chests and biceps,
particularly Ted Knight and Al!

Although I don't think the models chosen really
exemplify the characters, this was a very cool painted cover
(both for original issue JSA # 56 and the "JSA Dark Reign"
TPB discussed here.) The way the material clings is beautiful.

Original cover with sexy Hawkman rage!

Here is Rags Morales' rendition of all the men in civvies!
Hector looks smoking hot here, as do the elders behind him
(particularly--as always--Ted Grant, far right!)

Rick Tyler wears the shit out of that wife-beater.

A few pages of pumped up Albert's (Atom-Smasher)
bedtime bliss. Sweet, tight, Papa-Puff Al.

Some Hawkman man-candy with the vaunted hairy chest!

And, gotta love the positioning of the two maces!


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