Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spotlight: Joe Phillips' Sexy Super-heroes

Joe Phillips is an incredible comic book artist
who has become mostly known for his
gay-themed erotica and porn of recent

His gorgeous art can be enjoyed
by all fans, regardless of sexuality,
when it comes to his tamer prints.

(Certainly these are no different than
what we homo fans have to endure
within the regular comics when artists
depict Starfire, Power Girl, Catwoman, etc.!)

Some of these are so breath-taking...
managing to capture the feel of the character....

as well as an idea of what they might feel like! that Captain is a Marvel!

Too bad Professor X can't get to the showers!

Oh, my beloved Legion--just incredible.
('specially Timber Wolf and Ultra Boy!)

And the original teen team is styling at the beach!

Thanks for all the great work, Joe!


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