Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Simone Bianchi: Hottest Batman Ever!

Yowza! It gets no better, people!

First we get the pecs and abs....

..then the biceps and arm pits....

...whoo-whee child...
then the legs and backside!
All right now!

Full form love...

examining that incredible physique!

Profile shot!

A little jawbone action!

Well, pirate suits weren't on my checklist,
but they are now!
(Plus, I love a good sword fight!)

Daddy is sitting at home in the dark,
brooding and waiting for his boy
to come in late!
"I welcome the prodigal with open...
er, arms...yeah, that's it!"

Sexy, and still all the mystique, moodiness,
and intimidation of comics' most
severe character.

But wait...what's this?
Robin bound and struggling?
With a piece stuck in his face?

Uhhh..okay, does this one really
need a tagline?

And back to a little more bondage and struggle.
Thank you Mr. Bianchi!


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