Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"It Was the Seventies"

"Say 'cheese'!"

The two made-for-TV specials from the Hanna-Barbera team
and NBC in the late 1970s, "Legends of the Super-Heroes", 
were live-action hoots that captured the imaginations of hungry
fanboys (and girls) at the time!

Like all things H/B, it probably has not weathered the test of
time well, and surely it is an embarrassment to anal-retentive
or angst-ridden continuity geeks. As for me, I still have fond

To see live people clad as super-heroes or comic book 
characters at that time was nearly unheard of...and here were
not only some good looking guys in form-fitting spandex,
but some B and C list characters (which tended to be my faves!)

As an Earth 2 fan (and majority DC fan at the time,) I 
went ape-shit wild over the promos for these! I marveled at
the Huntress, Black Canary, Solomon Grundy and others!
Captain Marvel? Awesome! MORDRU from the Legion?!?!
Whodathunk? It was a comic fan's wet dream.

Whatever criticisms there were (and are) about content,
the shows were very fun and exciting, and the costuming and make-up
were phenomenal! The action scenes exploded, and for young gay
kids everywhere, seeing shirtless and spandex-clad super-heroes
acted by hunks was a dream come true!
(Straight guys must have loved the Double-D's on Hunny
and B.C., too...something for everyone!)

I would probably intentionally never watch it again--some
things do not revisit well--but it's a great memory, and 
given the time and resources, it was great TV!


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