Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flashback; 1977! FREEDOM FIGHTERS # 9

Bob Rozakis is The Man!

In the height of sensory overload and comic-y goodness,
this great issue showcases secret origins, loads of fight scenes,
revelations, treats, threatening smack-down dialogue,
cheesy twists, and tons of cliffhangers!

The Freedom Fighters were already big faves of  mine,
but the fever pitch of the series had me breathlessly
awaiting every issue! And Silver Ghost masquerading
as the hunky Americommando on that cover didn't hurt!
(courtesy of Rich Buckler & Abel.)
He's turning those KIDS against the FF, dammit!
What a cool, dynamic, well-laid out cover.

Interior art is superbly handled by Dick Ayers and Jack Abel,
and everyone is suitably heroic and defined.
This is what comics were meant to be!

Thanks for the great memories, guys!


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