Thursday, December 15, 2011

Favorite Costumes: Wonder Man

Now, I must confess up front that I am a fan of the
character, first and foremost. He has at times, along with Rogue,
been top victim of the 'most atrocious costumes ever designed.'
But then others I simply Love. Those we'll focus on today.

Some work well only if particular artists parlay it well.
Any who, there's some bias involved!
Because I love some Simon Williams!
Now this is perfect; sexy, modern, swaggerly, and
a good combo of previous incarnations. From the last
Ms. Marvel series.

Here's an example of well-done version of shitty costume.
I love the rage and power; he's formidable, sexy, and showing
off those muscles. Plus he's got his wrist bands!
And no, it's not because I'm gay that I like the purple energy.
(well, possibly not.)

Gorgeous rendition of the classic original costume.
Something about the 1960s and green villain costumes!

(art by Paulo Santana)
Sophisticated and stylish version with a hint of the prior cartoon's art.

A man's man, and a man dislodged in time. One of many
reasons for my Wonder-lust, courtesy of Byrne.

Not really a fan of the California look, but it
has grown on me over time. This art is incredible.

Okay, mash-up time. Love the Perez ion-based purple
energy look, and I also love the Bagley & Adams
art from Avengers Two (channeling a bit of Gammil,
as I see it--which is a tremendous compliment!)
Sinewy, powerful, snarky; this is not his first choice
for a career or how to spend a Saturday!

Ahhh, the classic red safari jacket!
I LOVED this look. It symbolized so much!
Simon was theatrical, he was a 'man out of time',
he was a wealthy guy, he had some pretensions,
he didn't quite fit in, and he wasn't 'really' a super hero.
And I just plain liked the look too; something unique and classy.

And you sure as hell can't go wrong with Kirby!
Beautiful, dynamic design! Great color scheme.
I loved it when Perez did it up right in the
beginning of Wondy's 'return' in the late 1970s.


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