Monday, April 8, 2013

"Times Past": Remembrance & Affection

Jose Delbo's Wonder Woman

Awesome in-house ads!

 Spinner racks, drug store comics, and newsstand trips!

Back-up stories!

Comic Books for Kids!
(or anyone who likes light-hearted escapism!)

Thought Balloons!

Jam-packed anthologies!

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez covers!

Rich Buckler cover art!

Your money's worth of dialogue and story!

Ernie Chan covers!

Ask the Answer Man!

The Daily Planet (well, really it was weekly...and monthly!)
Pablo Marcus artwork!

Having to WAIT 30 days to find out what happens!
(Yes, No "Previews" was a good thing!)

A plethora of merchandised goodness!

Treasuries, Digests, and Plenty of Reprinted Classics!


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