Thursday, April 11, 2013

Good Reads: THE ARRIVAL by Shaun Tan

As is often the case, I found a true
gem while cruising the 'Juvenile' section of the
library (minds out of the gutter, pervs!)
searching for mislabeled and hidden graphic novels
that are all-ages accessible.

Shaun Tan's masterpiece "The Arrival"
is a brilliant work, a groundbreaking piece
of art and story that took 4 years to research
and produce the richly detailed and shaded art.

The best way to approach this work, I believe,
is to know NOTHING about it!

Don't read previews, don't read the synopsis,
don't read the reviews on the back cover.
Just pick this phenomenal book up raw,
and delve into it like the beautiful and
poignant adventure that it is.

This is a life story told with 'nothing' but pictures,
and it's more fluid and involved than most
text-heavy tales could ever hope.

Interpreting, determining, dissecting the imagery
and experiencing the detail for one's self is
a big part of what makes it work. Afterwords,
you can read the inspiration for the work, and then
re-read it with a new level of appreciation.

Like a fine wine, it's best savored and enjoyed
over time.


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