Thursday, August 16, 2012

Marvel Comics' Hotness in the 2000's

Mmnnn! Nothing beats a wife-beater!
A smattering of my favorite hot fictionals
from the last decade (give or take) at ol'
Mighty Marvel!

That Peter is so massive!

Ares tearing it up.

Daredevil; he looks good in any outfit!

That's a whole lotta Ultimate, all right!

"Hercules, Hercules!"
From Thunderbolts, but not sure who.

Avengers Academy with the jail bait.

Daken don't play!

Mr. Radd is showing some 'nad.

Worm's eye yummy view of Cap.

Fightin' Fit Danny.

The Juggernaut gets some down time...
though this scene is fantasy, only!

Hank should stick to the tights!

More Iron Fisting goodness.

Hercules the narcissist makes for
a great recurring nudist!

(Mmmn! Love this! Going to 'Tom
of Finland' lengths here!)

Even the robots are buff!

Oy! Ol' man Nick always looks good.

Deadpool's partner was working out!

And this gallery of 'Foolkiller' art
is just a soft core porn
for S & M-ers!

Who's your favorite?
Did I miss anyone noteworthy?


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