Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HOT PICKS; The Annotated SANDMAN, Volume One

This exquisite coffee table edition is a collected version of the
first twenty issues of Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series from
DC Comics. It's really superior to any other trade edition for
me as the artwork is reproduced in black and white, not only
giving a better view of the artwork but making a better fit for
the darkness of the world of Sandman.

I was far more appreciative of Sam Keith and Mike Dringenberg's
art seeing the format in these pages.

The layout is also perfect; huge, high quality pages surrounded
by black gave a great effect. The purpose of the space being to
provide the annotations, the purported reason for the book.

But I found little interest in the annotations. There were none in
spaces that clearly called for it, many given were rather trivial,
and some were simply attempts to make sure that the 'godliness'
of Neil Gaiman was not called into question-- by the writer giving
the true behind-the-scenes story of who was to blame for printed
screw-ups. Meh.

But all I wanted it for was to read the story in the black and white,
over sized format, and it rated an A in that regard.

Check your library systems or eBay today!

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