Thursday, March 15, 2012


"TOP 100" will detail series that are on my
list of 'favorite series ever published.'

AVENGERS FOREVER was a maxi-series that
I consider to be a magnum opus for both writer
Kurt Busiek and artist Carlos Pacheco
(and praise cannot be adorned without speaking
of Jesus Merino on inks, and a host of great
colorists, letterers, and editors that
made this such a fine story.)

This is an epic that comics are meant to be!
Great story, dense and in-depth plot,
tons of characterization, a plenitude of
guest stars, fun, excitement, romance,
action, and the kitchen sink.
The greater story also serves as fan boy
aphrodisiac, undoing years of bad edits
and scrubbing clean many of the
problems in continuity that plagued the series!

Tons of B and C-listers show up
(which are among my faves)
and the sites are varied and far-reaching.
Busiek is a talented enough writer
in combination with his rich memory
banks that the tale doesn't feel forced or
There are some organic developments,
some common sense things added, and some
real surprises mixing things about.

A tremendous read from start to finish,
perfect for any Avengers fan--new or old,
any fan of epic space-fare,
and any fan of lush, beautiful art that
flows seamlessly and is deftly designed.


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