Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Animal Magnetism: Anthropomorphism & Intelli-pets

"These are a few of my favorite things!"

Although I have appreciation for variety,
I believe certain things should be sacrosanct.

'Cute and cuddly' doesn't need to be
remade as 'dark and dangerous'.....

nor does it need to be undone so as not to offend
anyone's indelicate sensibilities.

Don't step on my pleasant memories in
order to brutally inject what a terrible view
of the world you have.

There's a place for innocence and fun,
and simpler times.

Why did people feel the need for all comics to
start reflecting 'reality?'

Why is there not room for diversity?

I know the days of old are gone forever...
that they can't be clung to or reformed.

But why is there such a push
for uniformity and conformity?

When did people lose the love of imagination
as a respit or distraction from troubles
and the darkness of the world?

No, you can't go home again....
but thanks to good memories,
I can still dream.


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