Saturday, January 14, 2012

One Fan's Favorites: ROYAL FLUSH GANG

The Royals get a lot of abuse as being cheesy or 'morts'
from folks who think their sensibilities are more refined.

Bearing in mind, of course, that we're talking about an
industry that revolves around colorful, fantastical, fictional stories.

I've always loved the RFG. Great concept, great
design, strong personal story.

Visually stunning, artsy, ever-changing, high-concept!
What's not to love?

Besides, I gave up my pretensions and concerns over
what others think some time back. It's popular to hate on the
simpler days, now. I'm over the trend.

Granted, the team has gotten a lot more fans since their
facelift/reinvent via the Batman/JLU cartoons of the
last decade or so. Maybe they work better in animated form?

Regardless, I love them in any form
(except probably stripped-down hodge-podge
'new 52 version', whatever that might be.)

The Royal Flush Gang; Everybody's gotta have a gimmick!



  1. I definitely enjoyed the take done in Batman Beyond.

  2. I always liked them all the way back to that old Super Powers episode where they were unwittingly working for Darkseid and Ace was secretly the Joker. My favorite image of them is a tie between the old style Who's Who one (third from the bottom) and the loose leaf Who's Who one (fifth from the bottom). :)