Tuesday, July 5, 2011

George O'Connor

I found these graphic novels shelved in the
"Juvenile" section (sigh) of our local library.
I was intrigued by the cover art and opened
them to find a real gem.

George O'Connor is a graphic artist who
had the idea to do a graphic novel per god in
the Greek pantheon. The first was of course
"Zeus" and then "Athena."  (Volume 3 releases July 19th!)

The books are incredibly well done!
They are vibrant and fun, while still
very adeptly managing to maintain all
the perversity of the Greek stories.
(Hey, we don't refer to Bible stories as
'myths,' so...)

The art is crisp and simple, elegant line use
(think P. Craig Russell, Tim Sale, Mike Mignola)
but has its own flavor and style. The coloring
and pacing and lettering are all tremendous,
and the story actually made the convoluted
story of the prior gods easily accessible.

There were some really beautiful and creative
choices for depicting the majesty and magic of
the weighty elements, too.

These are available pretty much everywhere.
You can also check out the artist's website at
or the website for the graphic novels at
Olympians Graphic Novels;
 Volume One; Zeus, King of the Gods
Volume Two; Athena, Grey-eyed Goddess

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