Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Stuck Rubber Baby" by Howard Cruse

This was one of the most ambitious and courageous
pieces I've seen in comics. This is one of the ones
that makes it all worthwhile.

Howard Cruse, the longtime out cartoonist and
underground comics creator, wrote and drew this
lush and detailed graphic novel originally published
as part of DC Comics' innovative "Piranha Press"
label, but has since been released by Harper Collins.

There's sooooo much material and such dense
story-telling in the 210 page tome that you'll be
floored at the lengths Cruse went to for this tale.
A 'coming of age' story set in the South in the
1960's, the story revolves around one man, one
town, a group of friends, and that lonely, difficult
journey of self-discovery.

Just try reading it without tearing up.

Race relations, historical events, sexual identity,
love, religion, small town life, and so much more
fill the stage in this awesome tale.


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  1. never heard of this one before...sounds like it hits some hot button topics. a more civilized version of say boondocks. may have to check this one out