Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Favorite Costumes: original Dr. Mid-Nite

Again, a very basic (yet busy) costume
that is unique with both color schemes
and style.

I love everything from the red tunic and swashbuckler
belt to the crescent moon buttons!

'Hooty' makes a great accessorization flair as
the owl pal of the midnight hour!


Simple, sleek, and memorable.
You GO, Dr. Charles!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


This take on the DP was pretty sweet
for me; that art is so smooth and flowing!

But I also love the fit of more indy/alt/grungy
styles that fit the DP mood.

This album-cover inspired punk
aesthetic rocks!

Ahh, Perez. His "Hunt for the DP
Killers" art was just phenomenal!

From the (appropriately) over-sized version
of Who's Who. Sweet!

Lightle's DP was exquisite, even tho I didn't care
for all the other characters or the uniforms that followed!

Classic! Can't beat the greats.

Retro style!

One of the rare "works" moments from One Year Later.

Ahhh, My Greatest Comics Memories.

Showcase Seventies goodness!


Favorite Costumes: Firestorm

Love the basic design of the
original Firestorm.

No changes necessary to a
dynamic, colorful, unique visual.

Even the Super Friends couldn't kill
ol' Ronnie's popularity.

Ol' flame-head is the bomb.

When he debuted, he was the first new
'teen' character to have shown up in a while.

A big gun with a wild origin.
Rest in peace, real Firestorm.